Christmas Blackboard Games

1. Boggle Game

Write Christmas on the blackboard. Then tell your students that, " Only using the letters in CHRISTMAS, write as many words as you can. You can use each letter only once. "

Your students can play this individually, in pairs, small teams or with you on the blackboard. Set a time limit: 5 mins for example and a target. 1 - 10 words is good, 10 - 20 is great and 20+ is excellent.

Christmas Boggle Game

2. Mind Map

Write Christmas on the blackboard. Draw a circle or a cloud around it. Then ask your students "What words do you think of when you see the word CHRISTMAS." 

Again decide on pairs/ teams, a time limit and a target to achieve.

Christmas Mind Map

3. Memory Game

On the blackboard, write Christmas and the words associated with it. (Can use the mind map from the previous game). Tell your students to " Close your eyes". Your students close their eyes, you rub out/ erase one word on the blackboard. "Ok, Open your eyes, which word is missing." It's quick, easy and fun.

Christmas Memory Game

4. Scrambled Letters

Take some Christmas words and scramble the letters. For example Presents - Srtsnpee. 

Write the scrambled words on the blackboard and ask your students to put the letters in the correct order. Tip: Prepare the scrambled words before your class. Have at least 10 words to unscramble.

Christmas Scrambled Words

5. Hot Seat / Taboo

One of your students, e.g. Paul, sits at the front of the class with his back against the blackboard. You, the teacher writes a Christmas word on the blackboard. The rest of your students describe the word to Paul until he guesses it correctly.

Teacher: Write Santa Claus on the blackboard.

Students: He's fat, old and has a white beard. He wears a red costume. He gives you presents. He goes down the chimney.

Paul: Is it Santa Claus.

Your students must say at least 3/4 sentences before Paul is allowed to guess the word on the blackboard.  

I hope you find these games useful.  I have some more blackboard games explained on a Youtube video.


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