Paper Plane

Paper Plane is a fun English game where the students make a paper airplane to make reading and writing sentences in English class more fun.
On a piece of paper, ask the students to write five, six or as many sentences as you wish. The topic can be anything the teacher chooses. About yourself, what you did for your holidays, last weekend, pick an animal and describe it, etc but don't write your name on it. It's a secret.
When the students are finished, ask them to make a paper plane. When all the paper planes are finished, together everybody throws the paper plane into the air and then each student picks up somebody else's paper plane. Each student opens the paper plane, reads it and then each student guesses who wrote it.
Alternatively each student can read the sentences to the class and the class can guess who wrote it. This is good for correcting grammar mistakes that the students have made.
This game can be a little bit noisy but it is a great and fun game. And of course ho…

Alphabet Game

I use this alphabet game to practice vocabulary and to get my students to write sentences.
I put my students into groups of threes: 

The first student picks a letter, the next student thinks of a word with this letter and the last student makes a sentence with this word. 

Student: Student: Potato.  Student: I ate potatoes for my dinner two days ago.

The aim of the activity is to write a word and sentence for every letter of the alphabet. The students take turns choosing a letter, thinking of a word and making a sentence. With 26 letters each student will write at least 8 sentences.
Download the worksheet AlphabetGame.

Another option is to ask your students to write the alphabet on a piece of paper and do the activity orally. Cross out each letter after they have thought of a word and made a sentence.
Before starting the activity I ask my students not to repeat the same sentence over and over again. For example I often get: My favourite colour is red / blue / green. Or I play football / bask…

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