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Christmas Blackboard Games

1. Boggle Game Write Christmas on the blackboard. Then tell your students that, " Only using the letters in CHRISTMAS, write as many words as you can. You can use each letter only once. " Your students can play this individually, in pairs, small teams or with you on the blackboard. Set a time limit: 5 mins for example and a target. 1 - 10 words is good, 10 - 20 is great and 20+ is excellent. 2. Mind Map Write Christmas on the blackboard. Draw a circle or a cloud around it. Then ask your students "What words do you think of when you see the word CHRISTMAS."  Again decide on pairs/ teams, a time limit and a target to achieve. 3. Memory Game On the blackboard, write Christmas and the words associated with it. (Can use the mind map from the previous game). Tell your students to " Close your eyes". Your students close their eyes, you rub out/ erase one word on the blackboard. "Ok, Open your eyes, which word is missing." It's quick, easy and fun. 4

Boggle Word Game

Boggle is an easy game to play. All you need is a blackboard and some chalk to play. On the blackboard draw a grid 4 x 3, pick 12 letters from the alphabet and then make as many words as you can from the letters. E B H O   R G I L T D A S I, a, so, go, to, sad, tea, dog,   gold, date, horse, board, ... Personally I always pick 3 or 4 vowels and the most common constants ( b, d, r, s, t, etc.   not j, x, z ). For the words, I don’t allow names and no plurals ( dog but not dogs ). My students can only use each letter once when making a word. The aim can be to get as many words as possible or get as many points as possible. A one letter word is worth 1 point, two letter word 2 points and so on. 1 point 2 points 3 points 4 points 5 points I, a So, go, to Sad, tea, Gold, date Horse, board I play this game

Last Letter First Letter

Write any word you want on the blackboard. I always like to use my favourite colour blue. Blue. The last letter of blue is   e . The first letter of the next word must start with this letter. Blu e   ~   E lephan t   ~   T ow n   ~   N eve r   ~   R adi o   ~   O rang e   ~   E as y   ~   Y ello w   ~ I usually continue until I fill the blackboard with a long list of words. When I play this game I don't allow Names or Plurals ( dog but not dogs ). The words can be any English words. For lower levels, I give them a clue, Think of a fruit, an animal, etc. The next stage of the game is to remove each word from the blackboard by making a sentence with one of the words. Blu e   ~   E lephan t   ~   T ow n   ~   N eve r   ~   R adi o   ~   O rang e   ~   E as y   ~   Y ello w   ~ Student ~ An   elephant   has got four legs.     Teacher ~Rub out the word elephant. Blu e   ~  .............  ~   T ow n   ~   N eve r   ~   R adi o   ~   O rang e   ~   E as y   ~   Y