Past Irregular Verb Game: Battleship

 Here is a fun game for your students to practice the Past Irregular Verbs. In pairs they have to sink each others ships to win the game. To shoot at a square they have to say the past form of the verb in the square. Easy. Most of your students will have played Battleship before.

There are 49 verbs to practice with. For students who are learning the verbs for the first time, give them a list to work from or tell them they can use their books for help. 

To make it more difficult, ask your students to spell the verb or make a sentence with the verb in the past. Either affirmative, negative or interrogative.

Teach them words like HIT, MISS and SUNK beforehand. You can download here: Battleship 
Game for students to practice their Past Irregular verbs in English class.


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