In a Line

In a line is an energy raising game for your students. This game gets them out of their seats, moving around the classroom and speaking to each other. It is very easy to play.

All you have to do is ask your students to organise themselves into a line according to some criteria that you have given them. 

For example, make a line starting with the shortest student to the tallest student. The shortest in the class will be first in the line and the tallest in the class last in the line.

Other examples that I like to use are:

· Youngest to the oldest or viceversa oldest to the youngest.
· The time it takes to travel to school.
· Alphabetical Order of your first name, their surname, their mothers name, ...
· Number of foreign countries visited.
· Number of brothers and sisters.
· Time you went to bed or the time you woke up.
· Number of shoes you own or by shoe size.
·Who watched the least and the most amount of t.v. last night.

Of course you can think of many more that you can use in your own class. Let me know in the comments below.

In a Line is a fun game to use in your class. There is always chaos, students in a wrong position but they will always ask to play again. I usually play it at the end of class before the bell rings just to finish the class having some fun. Enjoy.


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