FishBowl - English Speaking Game

What do you Need to Play: An empty box / container and 40/50/60 pieces of paper with an English word written on each one. You can download my list of words here if you wish: FishBowlWords

The idea of the game is to guess the words on the pieces of paper.

Your students play in groups of 4 if possible. Each student will have one turn out of 4 rounds. Guess the word correctly, take another word out of the box until time runs out. Normally 90 seconds to 2 minutes is my time limit.

The 4 rounds are Taboo, Pictionary, Mime and Word.

Taboo: Describe the word until your teammates guess the word.

Pictionary: Draw a picture to describe the word. ( no writing allowed )

Mime: Act out the word by miming, gesturing, acting it out, making sounds is fun too.

Word: Use only one word to describe the word on the piece of paper. if your teammates guess incorrectly, another word can be said and so on.
       For example: Word: Monkey. Student animal, Group dog, Student jungle, Group parrot, Student banana, etc.

After each round put all the words back into the box for the next round. Alternate turns, which team starts each round. The group with the most correct guesses at the end wins.

 Leave out one of the rounds if you would like a shorter game. Use vocabulary you are studying as the words in the box. Deduct points from teams if they disturb the other teams turn.

I usually have a lot of fun with this game. Enjoy.


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