BrainStorm Game

Fun game to use in English & ESL class. No material or preparation needed.

To start I draw a cloud on the blackboard. Inside the cloud I write a topic for example Sports. With the class we write down as many sports as we can in five minutes. 
After I have done an example with the class I ask the students to make pairs or small groups. Take out a piece of paper, divide it into four / six parts and draw a cloud in the center of each part. 
Then pick a topic, for example food, animals, transport, sports, verbs, whatever vocabulary your studying in class, etc... Write the topic you have chosen in the cloud. I usually give the pairs / groups five minutes to write as many words as they can. While they are working check their words, ideas and spelling. Four or Six clouds = 20 or 30 minutes. An easy game for half of the class. 

Reduce the time for each cloud depending on your class. Use the other side of the page for more clouds.

Another idea is to play a song. Students write ten or more words they have heard in a cloud. Play a clip from YouTube. For example a trailer for a new movie. Write down ten or more thing they saw.
In my classes I like to ask the students to pick three or four words from each of their clouds and write a sentence with each. Some writing practice for them.


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