Taboo PowerPoint Game

Taboo is my favourite activity for English class. Students have to be able to describe something accurately using the language that they know.

To play taboo you describe an English word and another person has to guess what the word been described is. The word can be a food, an animal, a famous person or place, the name of a movie, a school subject, anything you want. Of course you don't say the word.

I like to use a PowerPoint presentation, so the whole class can read the word and see the picture of what it is. It helps those students who don't know what the word is and it helps them to describe it easier. 

I pick a student from the class, they sit in front of the class with their back facing the whiteboard and the rest of the class describes the word until the student guesses what it is. This way I can control who is asking questions, I can correct them or help them out if they have difficulties. When the student guesses the correct answer, another student has a go.

Another way to play is to put the students into pairs. One student has their back to the board and the other student describes the Taboo word. I ask my students to swap seats after 5 or 6 words. This allows everybody in my class to play at the same time.

You can download the Taboo PowerPoint here: TabooPowerpoint or watch it on YouTube. There are 30 Taboo words to guess. Enjoy, this is one of my favourite activities with my class, always a winner.

Free Taboo PowerPoint Game for teachers to get their students speaking in class.


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