Cambridge KEY (KET) Speaking Game

I have started preparing some of my students for the Cambridge Exams this year. One of the exams we have to prepare for is the KEY English Test. A KEY or KET qualification shows your ability to communicate in simple situations.

I made this game for my students to practice the first part of the speaking exam. The first part of the exam is an interview where the examiner asks you some personal questions about yourself for 5 to 6 minutes. This game has 28 typical questions that may be asked during the speaking exam.

This game is for students to practice the first part of the speaking exam in the KEY KET Cambridge Exam

To play is easy. Put your students into small groups, 3 or 4, give them a dice and ask them to make some counters. I give them a small piece of paper and on it they write the first letter of their name, they colour it, draw a shape,etc. Answer the question they land on or ask someone else the question. First to the Finish wins.

My students usually finish the game in 15 minutes, so its a good warmer to start or even to finish a class. Walk around the class, listen to their answers and correct afterwards with the whole class the common problems that you have heard.

You can download the game here on this word document, KETGame

Enjoy and don't forget to share.


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