Last Letter First Letter

Write any word you want on the blackboard. I always like to use my favourite colour blue.
Blue. The last letter of blue is e. The first letter of the next word must start with this letter.
Blue ~ Elephant ~ Town ~ Never ~ Radio ~ Orange ~ Easy ~ Yellow ~

I usually continue until I fill the blackboard with a long list of words. When I play this game I don't allow Names or Plurals ( dog but not dogs ). The words can be any English words. For lower levels, I give them a clue, Think of a fruit, an animal, etc.

The next stage of the game is to remove each word from the blackboard by making a sentence with one of the words.

Blue ~ Elephant ~ Town ~ Never ~ Radio ~ Orange ~ Easy ~ Yellow ~
Student ~ An elephant has got four legs.    
Teacher ~Rub out the word elephant.

Blue ~ ............. ~ Town ~ Never ~ Radio ~ Orange ~ Easy ~ Yellow ~

Continue until all the words are gone from the blackboard.

Afterwards I get the students into pairs or small groups. They pick the first word of the list, I set a time limit ( 4 or 5 minutes ) and away they go. The pair or group with the most words wins.


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