Alphabet Game

I use this alphabet game to practice vocabulary and to get my students to write sentences.
I put my students into groups of threes: 

The first student picks a letter, the next student thinks of a word with this letter and the last student makes a sentence with this word. 

Student: Student: Potato.  Student: I ate potatoes for my dinner two days ago.

The aim of the activity is to write a word and sentence for every letter of the alphabet. The students take turns choosing a letter, thinking of a word and making a sentence. With 26 letters each student will write at least 8 sentences.
Download the worksheet AlphabetGame.

Another option is to ask your students to write the alphabet on a piece of paper and do the activity orally. Cross out each letter after they have thought of a word and made a sentence.
Before starting the activity I ask my students not to repeat the same sentence over and over again. For example I often get: My favourite colour is red / blue / green. Or I play football / bask…

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