Tongue Twisters PowerPoint

Using Tongue Twisters in class is fun and entertaining for my students but it is also a great way to achieve better pronunciation in English.

I project the tongue twisters onto a whiteboard in my classroom. Students practice first. I help with any words they find difficult to pronounce and then one by one, or volunteers, they read as fast as they can in front of the whole class. It always creates a lot of laughs.

My advice is to use the Tongue Twisters over several classes. Last 5 or 10 minutes of class to finish up, using 5 or 6 tongue twisters a class.

Download the PowerPoint I use in class here: Tongue Twisters PowerPoint Enjoy.

Ireland and Saint Patrick’s Day PowerPoint

Here is a PowerPoint I use for Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17th. Download and use it in class if it helpful for you. There are 28 slides in total. To download click on the link below. Enjoy!

Ireland and Saint Patrick’s Day PowerPoint

WH Question Board Game

This Board Game is to practice personal questions for low level English speakers. There are 32 English  questions to answer. All you need to do is print it for free, a dice and a few counters for your students.

Download for free here. WHBoardGame.

Past Irregular Verb Game: Battleship

Here is a fun game for your students to practice the Past Irregular Verbs. In pairs they have to sink each others ships to win the game. To shoot at a square they have to say the past form of the verb in the square. Easy. Most of your students will have played Battleship before.
There are 49 verbs to practice with. For students who are learning the verbs for the first time, give them a list to work from or tell them they can use their books for help. 
To make it more difficult, ask your students to spell the verb or make a sentence with the verb in the past. Either affirmative, negative or interrogative.
Teach them words like HIT, MISS and SUNK beforehand. You can download here: Battleship

Taboo PowerPoint Game

Taboo is my favourite activity for English class. Students have to be able to describe something accurately using the language that they know.
To play taboo you describe an English word and another person has to guess what the word been described is. The word can be a food, an animal, a famous person or place, the name of a movie, a school subject, anything you want. Of course you don't say the word.
I like to use a PowerPoint presentation, so the whole class can read the word and see the picture of what it is. It helps those students who don't know what the word is and it helps them to describe it easier. 
I pick a student from the class, they sit in front of the class with their back facing the whiteboard and the rest of the class describes the word until the student guesses what it is. This way I can control who is asking questions, I can correct them or help them out if they have difficulties. When the student guesses the correct answer, another student has a go.
Another way t…

Cambridge KEY (KET) Speaking Part 2 Cards

In the second part of the KET speaking exam the examiner gives the students a card with some information or some ideas for questions. Basically the students ask and answer simple questions about daily life for 3 to 4 minutes. Usually five questions and their answers.
I have made 6 cards for my students to work with. Some different material to work with is always good even if they do laugh at my drawings. Download them here if you like, KETCards.
Please share, etc if you find them useful in your own class. Enjoy.

Cambridge KEY (KET) Speaking Game

I have started preparing some of my students for the Cambridge Exams this year. One of the exams we have to prepare for is the KEY English Test. A KEY or KET qualification shows your ability to communicate in simple situations.
I made this game for my students to practice the first part of the speaking exam. The first part of the exam is an interview where the examiner asks you some personal questions about yourself for 5 to 6 minutes. This game has 28 typical questions that may be asked during the speaking exam.

To play is easy. Put your students into small groups, 3 or 4, give them a dice and ask them to make some counters. I give them a small piece of paper and on it they write the first letter of their name, they colour it, draw a shape,etc. Answer the question they land on or ask someone else the question. First to the Finish wins.
My students usually finish the game in 15 minutes, so its a good warmer to start or even to finish a class. Walk around the class, listen to their answe…